FAQs for anyone interested in joining the Club

Yes, walks are often limited in numbers, particularly in wilderness areas and often book out early.

You must book in with the Walk Leader to obtain details of the walk and ensure you are accepted onto the walk.

If you need to cancel your booking please ensure you inform the Walk Leader at least a day before - so they can allow another member to participate as there is often a waiting list for walks.

Remember there are over 200 members in the club and each program has only 40-50 walks on it.

No you don't. The Club uses Railway Stations as meeting places to accomodate Members that don't have cars. The meeting time is usually just after the train gets in.

We travel to and from the walk in private cars. Passengers share the costs of the trip with the driver.

Even though it is quite rare to need a first aid kit on a bushwalk, the Club requires each participant to carry their own well equipped first aid kit on a walk. It is not the walk leader's role or responsibility to carry a large first aid kit just in case it is needed. If a serious incident occurs on a walk the contents of each member's kit can be combined.

Our walks are graded using the Bushwalking NSW guidleines and described in our Grading Guide.

We grade our walks so walkers know what to expect on a walk.

Membership Fees can be paid by PayPal.

Please make sure you pay your Membership Fees before completing the Membership Form. You will need your Payment Reference when you complete the Form.


Click the PayPal Button. Your payment will be collected securely by the PayPal Web Site.

Note the Receipt Number. You will need to enter the Receipt Number as a Payment Reference when you complete the Membership Form.

Walk lengths vary. The program will indicate if the walk is a short half day walk or whether it will be a really long day.

Usually participants meet the walk leader at a convenient meeting place at the nominated meeting time. Walks usually start around 9:00am and finish by 4:00pm.

The meeting time will depend on how long it takes to travel to the walk location. Walks in more remote areas will require an earlier meeting time.

The Club Committee are all volunteers - many with full time occupations.

It can take up to 10 days for the process to be completed, depending on commitments of the Treasurer and Secretary.

If you wish to join a walk in the meantime you may come along as a Temporary Member. You would need to download and complete the Temporary Members Form Form and give it to the Walk Leader on the day of the walk.

Membership Fees are:

Adult Membership
$35 each Calendar Year
Junior Membership
There is no charge for Junior Members. Members must be under 18 years of Age when Membership Fees are due to qualify as Junior Members. Junior Members must be accompanied by their Parent or Guardian on any Club Activity they attend

All communication between your Web Browser and the UBMBC Web Site is private.

Data travelling between your Web Browser and the Web Site is encrypted using an SSL Certificate. You can confirm your connection with the UBMBC Web Site is private by clicking on the Padlock in the Browser Address Bar and viewing the Site Information.

Standard equipment for any bushwalk should include:

  • sensible, comfortable footwear
  • hat
  • jumper
  • water bottle
  • food
  • first aid supplies
  • personal medication
  • back pack
  • a torch (in case the walk finishes late)
  • wet weather gear
  • sunscreen

Always carry at least 1 litre of water, 2 litres or more on hot days.

A Junior Member is an individual under the age of 18 who is registered on an Adult Membership.

The adult on whose membership they are registered must be their legal parent and/or guardian and be permitted by law to sign the risk waiver allowing the child to participate in club activities.

Club rules (and our insurance) require that any Junior Members must be accompanied on a walk by a Member who is their parent or legal guardian or a second-degree relative (eg grandparent, aunt, uncle, brother or sister or cousin).

The Walk Leader must be informed that the intending walker is under the age of 18 and who will be accompanying them on the walk and their relationship to the child.

Everyone will have their own idea about what should be in their first aid kit. At a minimum, your first aid kit should contain:

  • A Compression Bandage for sprains or snakebite
  • A Triangular Bandage
  • Sterile Pads and Dressings
  • Band Aids and Sticking Plaster
  • Personal Pain Relief
  • Personal Medications
  • Antiseptic for cuts
  • Emergency Blanket
  • Saline
  • Gloves
  • Tweezers or Splinter Probe
  • Emergency Contact Details and Medical Information

Club Walks are usually in the Blue Mountains, Gardens of Stone, Kanangra or Wollemi National Parks or in adjacent areas.

Sometimes Club Walks are much further away. In the past the Club has walked in Nepal, New Zealand and Tasmania.

We invite enthusiastic walkers to come along and enjoy the wonderful Blue Mountains with us.

The club has walks suitable for all levels from beginners to explorers.

For your own safety and the safety of the group, if you are a new member, the Walk Leader will ask you about your experience before accepting you on a walk.

We recommend any walker who has not walked in the bush before participate in a Grade 1/2 or easy Grade 3 walk as a first walk.

Walk leaders also place a detailed description of the walk on the program to assist with walk selection.

The Website requires you to logon using your own individual User Name allocated to you when you join the Club.

When you renew your membership, add a walk or manage a walk you are leading, your details are pre-filled, making life easy for everyone.

You must have your own individual email address associated with your Club Account. This email address will be used to send you a link to reset your Password should you forget. If you are a Walk Leader your email address will be used to allow Club Members to contact you about the Walk.

The only exception to this is Junior Members who must be registered on an adult membership and do not have individual access to the website.

Email addresses are available freely from gmail and other providers and are easily obtained and transportable across IT platforms.