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Sat - 27-Aug-2022
5 H - Day Walk
Angus Place Pagodas
Find out why this area must be better protected for future generations. Park at the bottom of Angus Place Trail and follow it till about GR 312 052. Descend into a gully to the south west and traverse the extremely dissected pagoda terrain, generally following the cliff line, for as long as the time allows. Exit to Angus Place Trail and walk back to the vehicles. About 8 km. Scrambling and exposure.
Map: Cullen Bullen

Sat - 06-Aug-2022
4 MH - Day Walk
Mount Airly Volcanic Vent
A good walk on the fire trail past Airly Village up onto the ridge and onto the Volcanic Vent. Great views and interesting history. Return the same way
Map: Ben Bullen

Fri - 29-Jul-2022
5 HX - Pack Walk
Lost Chord Crater, Lee Castle and Labyrinth Peak
A 3-day pack walk. Day 1: Park at Benjang Gap, GR 300 930. Walk to Lee Creek and then upstream to GR 328 904. Take water for the day (or carry from home). Climb to Lost Chord Crater, continue to Lost Chord Saddle, then climb south west on Tal Tal Ridge to about GR 339 890. Descend into a tributary of Lee Creek at about GR 330 884. Take water for high camp and next morning, climb westwards and camp at around GR 324 885. If time permits, explore high cliffs to the south east (we may even camp there). About 12 km. Day 2: Spend the morning exploring Lee Castle immediately to the north west, then descend into Lee Creek, take water for the high camp and the next day and climb to Labyrinth Saddle (eastern end) at GR 315 903. Then climb Labyrinth Peak, GR 311 901, to camp. About 6 km. Day 3: Return to the Labyrinth Saddle. Explore around to the north and north east. If possible, descend into a tributary of Lee Creek at around GR 316 909; otherwise return to the saddle and use a known descent route to the north. Walk back to the cars. About 8 km. Exploratory. Scrambling and exposure.
Map: Not Specified

Sat - 23-Jul-2022
5 H - Day Walk
The Great Wall of China and Torbane Balcony
Find out why this area must be better protected for future generations. Park at Airly Gap. Walk on Airly Mountain Trail to the top of the mountain. Make our way to its northwestern corner and descend under the first cliff line. Continue south through the spectacular pagoda area known as The Great Wall of China, then locate a ledge (Torbane Balcony) and follow it till GR 221 330. Climb up via a known slot and walk east, returning to Airly Gap via a ridge. About 10 km. Scrambling and exposure.
Map: Glen Alice

Fri - 22-Jul-2022
3 M - Day Walk
The Pavements - Mt Irvine
The Pavements - Mt Irvine - Interesting rock formation Tessellated Pavements out on the ridge from Mt Irvine between the Wollangambe and Bowens Creek about 5km - Plus 2.5 optional explore out on ridge to Wallangambe. Relaxed walk with campfire and billy for lunch.
Map: Wollangambe

Wed - 13-Jul-2022
3 M - Day Walk
Lions Head Track
Walk from Kings Tableland Road to Lions Head and back. This is a shorter, pleasant walk along the edge of the tablelands escarpment, with great views of Kedumba and Kanangra area.
Map: Jamison

Sat - 09-Jul-2022
4 MHX - Day Walk
Plataeu west of Victoria Creek
This area is surrounded by Victoria creek, Victoria Brook and the highway. The walk will start at the rear of the truck checking station west of Blackheath, we'll explore along the top of the cliff lines. Exploratory.
Map: Mt Wilson

Sat - 02-Jul-2022
5 HX - Day Walk
Clerestory Pagodas (off Beecroft Fire Trail)
Magnificent Pagodas near Lidsdale. A few kilometres walk along a fire trail in but worth it.
Map: Lithgow

Sun - 26-Jun-2022
3 M - Day Walk
Megalong to cox’s river return
This medium level day walk will start in the Megalong Valley near the old cemetery and finish at the Cox's River Reserve, via Bowtel's bridge and the lodge. We will meander through rolling hills, past the winery, traversing the valleys and crossing the impressive Cox's River. Enjoy a leisurely lunch by the river before returning by the same route. With so little activities available at the moment, this is an opportunity to enjoy a beautiful section of the 6 foot track. An option at the end of the walk would be to pass by Dryridge Estate and enjoy a platter and a glass of wine!
Map: Katoomba

Wed - 22-Jun-2022
5 H - Day Walk
Upper Grose walk
Walk the old Engineers Track from the Darling Causeway Road to Ikara Head, then back to Victoria Falls road. From the causeway, there is a faint pad to the upper Grose River, then there is no track till accessing the pass up to Ikara ridge. This section of terrain is full of weeds, some fallen trees and is sloping. But still able to be crossed with some effort.. Walk back to Victoria Falls road along Ikara Ridge. Car shuffle required. This walk maybe deferred if National parks are not opened.
Map: Mt Wilson

Sat - 18-Jun-2022
4 MH - Day Walk
Western Escarpment of Wolgan Valley
Find out why this area must be better protected for future generations. After placing vehicles at each end of the walk, leave from near Wolgan Gap Trig, walk to the top of the cliff line, then follow the ins and outs of the cliff line for about 7km. Stunning views. Scrambling and exposure.
Map: Cullen Bullen

Fri - 17-Jun-2022
3 M - Day Walk
Asgard Swamp Thor Head / Asgard Head
Asgard swamp Thor Head / Asgard Head - Depart Victoria Falls Road, Asgard Swamp, Historic Mine and Kiln, Asgard and Thor heads Approx 10km
Map: Mt Wilson

Sat - 11-Jun-2022
5 HX - Day Walk
Balcony Point
From the Bell Line of Road follow ridges to Balcony Point overlooking Du Faurs Canyon. return on a parallel ridge with good pagodas.
Map: Mt Wilson

Sat - 04-Jun-2022
4 MD - Abseiling
Long Gully Canyon - Bungonia
Long Gully is a multi pitch abseil trip down a gorge and is a dry trip. There is one 60 metre abseil and about 8 other smaller abseils. It is quite exposed and has a very steep climb out from the Shoalhaven River. A long day.
Map: Not Specified

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