Kosciuscko National Park 3 day hike - Australia’s 11 highest peaks


Pack Walk


4 MH

Australia’s 11 highest peaks , This is a loop walk, we start and finish at Charlottes Pass. Day 1: Charlottes Pass to Cootapatamba Hut. Approx 13km. 1: Mount Stillwell 2054m. Kosciuszko Lookout. 2: North Rams Head 2177m, we can leave our packs here and set up camp for the night, south-east onto the ridge, then go to 3: Rams Head 2190m, and if time we can venture down to Cootapotamba Hut if we are feeling energetic. Or camp near Cootapotamba Hut. Day 2: Camp to Lake Albina. Approx 17km. 4: Etheridge Ridge 2180m. 5: Mount Kosciuszko 2228m. Drop packs off near 6: Muellers peak 2125 and then off to explore 7: Abbott Peak 2145m. 8: Mount Townsend 2209m, 9: Alice Rawson Peak 2160m. Camp near Albina Pass at a flat spot below the ridge, or near Wilkinson creek. Day 3: Camp to Charlottes Pass. Approx 19km. 10: Mount Northcote 2131m. 11: Mt Lee 2105. 12. Carruthers Peak 2145m. 13: Watsons Crags, 2136m, 14: Mount Twynam 2195m. And on the way down off the range we can go check out Blue Lake for a quick dip in the cool alpine water. Contingency plan: If it is blowing a gale and is not safe to walk on the main range we can go in via Guthega Power station (Munyang) to Whites River Hut, Horse Camp Hut, Schlink Hilton Hut or Mawsons Hut. Or in via Round Mountain Hut, Derschko’s Hut and up to Jagungal. Plenty of options available.

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