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Mon - 22-Apr-2024
3 MX - Day Walk
Explore Crayfish Creek near Burramoko Head, Blackheath.
We will be looking for something specific in our exploration, to be revealed at the start of the walk.
Map: Mt Wilson Added: 16-Apr-2024

Mon - 15-Apr-2024
3 MX - Day Walk
Neates Glen, Blackheath and old tracks
11 March we walked to Walls Cave, and I was going to do 2nd part, but we found so many interesting old tracks we ran out of time. So, this Monday the old tracks off Neates Glen, there are a few to explore.
Map: Katoomba Added: 08-Apr-2024

Fri - 12-Apr-2024
5 HX - Day Walk
T3 to Tootie Cascades
Park on T3 Trail at GR 812 013 and proceed west for a few hundred metres to GR 811 012. Descend into the gully to the north and walk all the way to Tootie Cascades. Swimming opportunities. From here, return via the gully rising towards the south east towards T3 Track. Re-connect with the vehicles. Exploratory. About 6 km. Scrambling and exposure.
Map: Mountain Lagoon Added: 09-Apr-2024

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