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Sat - 17-Dec-2022
2 EM - Day Walk
Fortress Ridge Trail and Fortress Rock Lookout
Starting at the Fortress Ridge carpark we will make our along the Fortress Ridge walking track. On the return, we will take the side track out to Fortress Rock Lookout. The walk offers panoramic views of Blue Mountains valleys with plenty of photo opportunities.
Map: Katoomba Added: 30-Sep-2022

Sat - 19-Nov-2022
5 HX - Creek
Creek walk/canyon - Mt Wilson
Exploratory Creek walk that could involve scrambling, swims, abseils and bush bashing. Creek system near Horseshoe Canyon.
Map: Wollangambe Added: 03-Oct-2022

Sat - 12-Nov-2022
2 EM - Canyon
Hat Hill Canyon
Hat Hill canyon at Blackheath is an ideal canyon for beginners. There are no abseils. The canyon follows Hat Hill Creek with creek walking, small jumps and some short swims. When the canyon narrows there are steep canyon walls. Just before the creek plunges into the Grose Valley there are "spa" pools to enjoy. The climb out is along a pleasant ridge returning over Hat Hill. Members must be able to swim short distances. A wet suit is recommended. This canyon will be conducted at leisurely pace.
Map: Mt Wilson Added: 22-Sep-2022

Sun - 06-Nov-2022
3 M - Abseiling
Abseil Training for Beginners
The training day at Mt York is intended for members who walk with UBMBC and who have not abseiled previously. It will cover ropes, anchors and equipment, safety checks, personal anchors, abseiling technique and belay. The venue at Mt York, has three progressively steeper cliff faces that are ideal for training. Following the training we drive to Medlow Bath where we put skills into practice in Juggler Canyon – which has 6 abseils. The day ends with a lovely walk through part of the Grand Canyon. Members who complete the training successfully will be approved to attend easier canyons on the UBMBC program. You will need a helmet, harness, carabiner and descender. Equipment must be approved to European or North American safety standards. Bicycle helmets and helmets from other sports are not acceptable. Do not buy new equipment until after the course. Borrow equipment for the training day or I have equipment for loan. Before booking in for this program please read Guidelines for Walkers and Guidelines for Canyoners on the UBMBC website. Members must have done at least three bushwalks with UBMBC and have completed a non-abseil canyon (eg Grand Canyon, Du Faurs, Rocky Creek ) When you apply for the training day please mention the walks you have completed with our club and the non-abseil canyon you have done. Canyoning involves carrying wet suits, ropes and equipment as well as scrambling over slippery rocks and climbing in steep, rugged country. A suitable level of fitness and agility is required. Bookings open on 31st Oct.
Map: Katoomba Added: 29-Sep-2022

Sat - 15-Oct-2022
3 M - Canyon
Twister and Rocky Creek Short Notice
This is a really impressive canyon and although wet (wetsuits are necessary), it has no abseils. We will enter via Twister Canyon with a couple of fun water jumps and slides before entering the magnificent Rocky Creek Canyon itself. We follow the canyon down to Budgary Creek before returning back up Rocky and a short climb back to the cars. The walks in and out are short the total round trip is only about 4 km. I tried putting this on a couple of times last year but the weather had other ideas, so let's hope the weather holds out this time!
Map: Rock Hill Added: 22-Sep-2022

Thu - 06-Oct-2022
3 M - Day Walk
Navigation Practice at Kings Tableland
This day is a repeat of the navigation day on 21 July, which was cancelled due to weather. It is for members who have completed the club navigation course or members who are experienced in navigation with a map and compass. Nicole Bordes and Bernard Pailthorpe have prepared a navigation course near the Queen Victoria hospital site on Kings Tableland, Wentworth Falls. The course has 20 points that will test your navigation skills. It usually takes half a day and there are options not to complete the full course. GPS and phone navigation are not included in this course. Participants need their own compass. maps will be provided.
Map: Jamison Added: 25-Sep-2022

Mon - 03-Oct-2022
3 MX - Day Walk
Porters Pass northwest cliff line
From Burton Street, Blackheath walk out to Porters Pass and follow the top of the cliff line explore and checking for any access to base of cliff line. Return via spur line back towards top of Porters Pass. Half day walk.
Map: Mt Wilson Added: 25-Sep-2022

Thu - 29-Sep-2022
4 MD - Abseiling
Serendipity Canyon Cancelled - Weather
This is a fairly short canyon on the south side of the Wollangambe at Mt Wilson. There are 6 abseils up to about 20m, one with a slightly awkward start. It is a wet canyon with some swims, an optional jump, and some small waterfalls to negotiate. So you must be able to swim and be comfortable abseiling in a waterfall. We end up in the Wollangambe where a short wade up stream or scramble on the bank takes us to the exit track. Wetsuits required.
Map: Wollangambe Added: 24-Sep-2022

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