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Sun - 05-Nov-2023
1 E - Meeting
Remote Area First Aid Full
UBMBC has run successful RAFA courses in the past. It is really good to see so many members gaining these qualifications at the RAFA course. HLTAID005 - Provide first aid in remote situations HLTAID001 - Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation HLTAID002 - Provide basic emergency life support HLTAID003 - Provide first aid The course is one day at Pulse First Aid, Hazelbrook. It focuses on first aid in the bush. Members must complete a series of on-line modules prior to the course.
Map: Katoomba Added: 16-Sep-2023

Thu - 02-Nov-2023
3 M - Abseiling
Clean Up Marijuana Canyon
Earlier this year our attempt to remove rubbish from Marijuana Canyon was postponed due to weather. Years ago, there was a marijuana plantation in the upper canyon. Plastic sheeting has broken down and is contaminating the canyon all the way down to and into Bowens Creek S branch. There is wire netting, plastic and other rubbish to be removed. Marijuana Canyon is near Mt Charles on Bells Line of Road.. There is a 1 km walk along a fire trail then a steep climb to the canyon. The rubbish will be carried back up to the fire trail then to Bells Line of Road. Mark Brown will dispose of the rubbish. Bushwalkers and canyoners are invited to help with the clean up. After the clean up canyoners are invited to do Marijana Canyon. When booking please advise whether you will do the clean up only or the clean and the canyon.
Map: Mt Wilson Added: 18-Sep-2023

Sat - 28-Oct-2023
1 E - Meeting
Annual General Meeting (AGM)
The club AGM is open to all members to attend. The meeting will be held at 10:30 am at the usual venue of Karin and Dons residence at Blackheath. Please advise secretary of your attendance.
Map: Katoomba Added: 19-Sep-2023

Sun - 01-Oct-2023
4 MH - Day Walk
Katoomba-Castle Head Circuit
Katoomba Falls Reserve-Narrowneck-Castle Head Golden Stairs-Federal Pass-Landslide-Furber Steps-Katoomba some off-track near Castle Head visiting lookouts with stunning views. Spectacular terrain along Landslide track. Waratahs wildflowers, rainforest, waterfalls. Classic Blue Mountains walk.
Map: Katoomba Added: 23-Sep-2023

Fri - 29-Sep-2023
5 HX - Day Walk
Revelations Ridge and Around
Park at the locked gate on Bowen Hill Trail, GR 689 967. Head west across a deep gully, then continue along Revelations Ridge. Find a way down the cliffs to visit Revelations Chamber, and from there, descend underneath the next cliff line. Traverse north to GR 679 980 or even further, to GR 681 981, depending on what we will find, then climb above both cliff lines and walk south west to visit Dragon Teeth Rocks. Now, head to the top of the ridge and retrace our steps of this morning to the cars. Partly exploratory. About 8 km. Scrambling and exposure.
Map: Mountain Lagoon Added: 22-Sep-2023

Mon - 25-Sep-2023
3 MX - Day Walk
Tarros Ladders and Duncans Pass, Narrow Neck
From Dunphys Camping Area, Megalong Valley. Walk to Medlow Gap, side trip to Sessions Hut and Lake Birrell. Up Tarros Ladder, down Duncans Pass and return via transmission track to Medlow Gap Management Trail and back to Dunphys Camping Area.
Map: Jamison Added: 18-Sep-2023

Fri - 22-Sep-2023
5 HX - Day Walk
West of Bowen Hill
Park at the locked gate on Bowen Hill Trail, GR 689 967. Head north on an old fire trail, then continue on the ridge, all the way to the end at GR 695 000. Descend under the cliffs and traverse counterclockwise to around GR 690 993. Climb up a gully back to the ridge and walk to the cars. Exploratory. About 10 km. Scrambling and exposure.
Map: Mountain Lagoon Added: 15-Sep-2023

Tue - 19-Sep-2023
3 M - Abseiling
Great Uncle George Canyon
Great Uncle George canyon is in Bedford Creek off Kings Tableland Road at Wenworth Falls. There are 5 abseils, deep wades and some short swims. Wetsuits are recommended. The upper section of Bedford Creek has lovely creek walking with ferns and moss covered rocks. There is a steep climb out then a gentle ridge takes us to the Ingar Fire Trail and back to our vehicles.
Map: Jamison Added: 15-Sep-2023

Mon - 18-Sep-2023
3 MX - Day Walk
Lions Head Ridge and Double Hill, Kings Tableland
From Tableland Road walk the Lions Head Ridge track (for those long in the club will remember Roger Clarke took on the task of clearing this track) Great views as we explore along any side paths.
Map: Jamison Added: 12-Sep-2023

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