Off the Eastern side of Sunnyside Ridge's Fire Trail Number 6 and through the Cracks of Doom


Day Walk



Park in the vicinity of 376117. Follow fire trail N for about 1km to 382128. Descend on E side of ridge to visit the ledges below the cliff marked 116r. Turn around and head W of South, cross the National Park boundary Walk south until reaching the creek at 384125. Large people follow cliff line S. Medium to small ascend valley to find Crack of Doom 1 which they descend. Groups rendezvous at the bottom of Crack of Doom I and then walk through Crack of Doom 1.5. Follow the cliff line and visit Crack of Doom 2 and the Star Slot/Cavern. These slots have been visited most recently by club canyon trips but can also easily be explored on a walking trip, probably without the need for tape assists. Continue to follow the cliff line and use one of the tributary valleys to climb up to the fire trail. 379114 is a known exit. Follow the fire trail to return to the cars. This walk covers territory in walks 6.18 (Eastern section) and 6.19 (Northern section) in the Gardens of Stone and Beyond, Book 6. The exploratory part will be linking parts of these two parts. Sunnyside Ridge and Fire Trail 6 is rough country so numbers of walkers who can be taken will depend on enough 4WDs being available.

Cullen Bullen