Tootie Creek


Day Walk


4 MH

The walk starts at the car park at the beginning of the T3 track, approx. 5 km north of Mountain Lagoon (map attached). We follow a ridge W then NW for a couple of km, then another ridge NE down to Tootie Creek. This is off track but both ridges are reasonably open. There is a little scrambling down to the creek and a tape will be used if necessary. There is an excellent swimming pool where we join the creek. We then follow the creek down towards the Colo River. The first half is open with rock platforms but the vegetation gets thicker as we approach the Colo. We join the Colo at the bottom of the T3 track, and can cool off again in the river if the weather is hot. Then it is a straightforward walk up the T3 track back to the cars. The ridges and creek are excellent, and the going is not too hard. Nevertheless , estimated time is 9 hrs. I would grade this walk as the hard side of 4, but not enough to make grade 5.

Mountain Lagoon