Wollemi National Park: Hefrons Hole and Beyond


Pack Walk


5 HX

A 3-day base camp walk. This walk is full. Private property access permission has been arranged. Day 1: Drive to the locked gate at GR 315 765. Take all our gear from the cars and walk to the cave where we will camp for two nights. With a day pack, climb Merrits Gap, GR 326 791, and then Murder Mountain, GR 330 792. Descend north east towards Growee River, if time allows. Return back to the base. About 6 km, depending on the terrain. Day 2: From our camp site, walk west and use Spring Log Pass to climb Spring Log Ridge. Follow it north as far the time allows, then descend east into Paradise Gully or Growee River and return to camp. Depending on the terrain, could be about 12 km. Day 3: Break camp, take our gear and walk 1.5 km back on Growee Trail to about GR 320 773. Leave our gear and take the water for the day. Walk west on a rough trail for about 500 m, then, at about GR 315 775, climb and explore the ridge running north, north west as far as GR 302 797. From here, descend into a canyon like gully to the north east and attempt to negotiate it all the way back south east towards the start of the walk, adjusting for the terrain as necessary. Depending on the terrain, could be about 10 km. Exploratory. Scrambling and exposure.

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Joint Walk With:
Bush Club, Sydney Bushwalkers and NPA