UBMBC Canyon Program

Canyoning is an exciting and exhilarating experience. Many members of our Club are keen canyoners.

We have very experienced Canyon Leaders, an introductory abseil training program and a vibrant, exciting canyoning program.

Safety is paramount and our Club emphasises safe practices and development of skills.

We expect that participants will take responsibility for their own welfare and safety in a manner consistent with their knowledge, age, experience and skill.

Entry into the UBMBC Canyoning Program

Experienced canyoners should discuss their recent canyoning experience with the Canyoning Convenor, Geoff Fox on 0400 628 063. If successful you will be accepted into the club program.

UBMBC is no longer accepting new members immediately into the canyoning program. The number of canyons available has been reduced by park closures and access problems. New members will now have a 6 months waiting period from the date of joining UBMBC before they can join the canyoning program. Current members of the club may still apply to join the beginner program.

Members who are new to canyoning are required to complete the club introductory abseil training program.

Before applying for the program, members must complete 3 bushwalks with the Club and a non abseil canyon such as Wollangambe 1, Wollangambe 2, Rocky Creek, Du Faurs, Dargans or Deep Pass. This enables leaders to assess fitness, agility and suitability for canyoning.

Before joining the Canyoning Program:

Last Update: 12-Dec-2021