Guidelines For Walk Leaders

Preparing the walk

1. If you are unfamiliar with a walker, ask questions to determine their experience, membership status and capabilities. Ask if the walker has a medical condition that could affect them during the walk. Leaders have the right to refuse participation in a walk. After 3 walks a temporary member is required to join the club.

2. Be aware that NPWS limits group size to 8 in wilderness areas.

3. If possible, survey the route. Check the weather forecast. Check local events as well as NPWS track and park closures. Note hazards and identify risks such as exposure and creek crossings. Be aware of changes due to track erosion or flooding. Is a rope or tape required? Where are alternate exits?

4. Proposed walks, including Short Notice Walks, may be entered in the activities program on the club web site for approval by Walks Secretary, Rob Herbert. If Rob is unavailable check with the designated Committee member, currently Peter Medbury. If the walk is a joint walk with other clubs, please list the Club Names in the 'Other Clubs' field on the 'Add Walk to Program' form.

5. Details of the walk (and photographs) can be advertised on the Club's Google Group.

6. On the day before the walk email with the names of the people on your walk. If the walk is delayed, the committee is then able to answer enquiries. Make sure a contact person is aware of the route you are taking and the expected return time. An updated email is required to late returns if there are any changes to participants or if the activity is cancelled.

7. The leader should ensure that someone in the group has a map, compass, mobile phone, GPS and PLB. The PLB and walk details can be registered on the Australian Marine Safety Authority website. Leaders are encouraged to learn how to do this.

8. Visitors must be approved by the leader and bring a signed temporary membership form to the walk (This a mandatory requirement for Bushwalking Australia). Originals or scanned copies must be sent to the Walks Recorder, Onni Elliott.

9. Organize transport and meeting points.

10. Make sure you have each participant's mobile number and they have yours.

11. If you wish to walk through private property, ensure you have the owner's permission.

During the Walk

1. Know the experienced members and newer walkers in your group. Be aware who has first aid qualifications and who is carrying a mobile phone or PLB.

2. Before the walk introduce the members and outline the walk. Explain the terrain, hazards and expected return time.

3. Wait 5 minutes for people who may have been delayed at the meeting place.

4. Check that all participants are equipped for the walk. Water, food, wet weather gear, sunscreen, first aid kit etc. Check that each Club member is carrying an emergency contact sheet in their first aid kit.

5. Appoint a "tail" and a deputy leader.

6. The leader sets the pace. Remember the group can only move at the rate of the slowest walker. Have regular breaks for drinks and regrouping. Check that all walkers are present.

7. Keep a record of any injury or incident that occurs during the walk and report to the Secretary.

8. Emergency Procedure. If you have phone coverage, phone 000 (triple zero.) It is advisable to have the Emergency+ app installed on your phone. This app also provides your location in the format preferred by the emergency services. Ask for police and be prepared to give map name and grid references for your position. If phone contact is not possible then activate the PLB. (This is the advice from the RAFA course. The police co-ordinate rescues so we were told to ask for the police first not ambulance or fire).

At the end of the Walk

1. Check that all walkers are present.

2. Remind members to pay their contribution for travel.

3. Wait until all vehicles have started before driving off.

4. After the activity please email Late Returns to advise that the group has finished the activity. If there were any changes to participants or if the activity was cancelled, please include this information in the email.

5. Email a scan or photo of any temporary membership forms to the Walks Recorder, Onni Elliott.

6. Advise your emergency contact person that you have returned.

Last Update: 13-Nov-2023