Canyoning Waiver

What is canyoning?

Canyoning is a dangerous activity that usually involves following a creek between high rock walls with few exit routes. It often requires abseiling over waterfalls or cliffs in order to exit the canyon. Canyoning requires participants to negotiate slippery rocks and ledges and also requires participants to be immersed in cold water for an extended period. This water may sometimes be fast flowing, from waterfalls or strong currents.

Participant Agreement

To participate in this trip you must be a current member of the Upper Blue Mountains Bushwalking Club. You are participating voluntarily and you understand that the trip leader is not a professional guide but a voluntary member of the bushwalking club.

By voluntarily signing this waiver you are stating that you are aware that this activity may result in injury, illness or death and the loss of, or damage to property.

Risks Associated

I understand that I may face the following risks in a canyon environment. These include but are not limited to: Falling on wet slippery or algae coated rocks and ledges; becoming stuck on an abseil, possibly in a waterfall; anchor failure; equipment failure – such as ropes breaking or carabiners and abseil devices breaking or failing, harnesses breaking; rope being too short for the abseil; being hit by falling debris, rock or log fall etc; ropes becoming jammed and unable to retrieve ropes; abseiler inversion; abseiler slipping; failure of abseiler to brake properly and hitting the ground hard; falling from a height; abseiler mistakenly abseiling on a single rope which is not fixed to an anchor; abseiler burning or jamming their brake hand, clothing, equipment or another body part; improperly threaded abseiling device; belayer not paying attention; harness not done up; carabiner not done up; cuts or injury from sharp sticks or rocks; hitting a rock or another object during a water jump; slipping on take-off during a water jump; whiplash due to helmet being thrown back during a water jump; impact, injury or ear drum damage upon entering the water during a water jump; cramps while swimming; hypothermia from cold water and/or weather conditions; extended immersion in cold water; flash flooding in the canyon; becoming caught and pinned in fast flowing water; Hyperthermia and sunburn on the walk in or out of the canyon; exacerbation of existing medical conditions; fatigue; prolonged physical activity often while carrying heavy loads; injury or incapacitation of your guide; drowning; hail, sleet and other adverse weather conditions; bushfire; becoming benighted in a canyon; participants become lost; equipment is lost or damaged.

Participants Responsibilities

If you have any medical condition, physical disability or if there is any other issue that may affect you in the canyon please inform your trip leader immediately. By signing this waiver you agree that you are not taking any medication or have any physical limitations, which will affect your participation in this activity. If you do not understand anything mentioned in this waiver please seek clarification from your trip leader before undertaking this activity.

During the trip you should make every effort to remain with the group and notify the trip leader or other participants immediately if you are experiencing any difficulties or have any concerns. You agree to conduct yourself in a safe and responsible manner and exercise due care to ensure your personal safety and that of others during this activity.

You must also make sure you have the correct equipment for safe participation in this activity. That you have enough food and drink for the duration of the trip and that this trip is within your capabilities. You must follow the directions given by the trip leader for the duration of the activity.

I understand that by accepting this waiver I accept all the risks associated with this activity and to the extent permitted by law, for myself and my heirs, executors and assignees, I release the Upper Blue Mountains Bushwalking Club, the trip leader and other participants from all claims, actions, suits and demands resulting from my illness, injury, death and/or the loss of, or damage to my property arising from my participation in this activity. I understand that in the event of my death this waiver also binds my estate.

Last Update: 11-Jan-2018