Joining the Upper Blue Mountains Bushwalking Club

Covid 19 Restrictions Affecting UBMBC

Our Activities comply with Government and Health Guidelines to be as safe as possible in a Covid-19 world.

Additional information

It's easy to join the Upper Blue Mountains Bushwalking Club with our online Membership System.

First, pay the annual Membership Fee by PayPal and then fill in the Online Membership Form.

Once we verify payment and check the Membership Form you will have online access to the Club's Activity Program through the Members Area of the Web Site.

You will be added to the Club's online Members' Forum. The forum is used to notify members of short-notice activities and a variety of other news.

Note 1: Junior Members are accepted when one of their Parents or Guardians is a also a Club Member.

Note 2: UBMBC is no longer accepting new members immediately into the canyoning program. The number of canyons available has been reduced by park closures and access problems. New members will now have a 6 months waiting period from the date of joining UBMBC before they can join the canyoning program. Current members of the club may still apply to join the beginner program.

2024 Club Membership

2024 Membership Fees
Adult Member$35.00
Junior Member (under 18)$0.00

Membership Process

Step 1 - Pay Membership Fee

Membership Fees can be paid using PayPal.

Please make sure you pay your Membership Fees before completing the Membership Form. You will need your Payment Reference when you complete the Form.


Click the PayPal Button. Your payment will be collected securely by the PayPal Web Site.

Note the Receipt Number. You will need to enter the Receipt Number as a Payment Reference when you complete the Membership Form.

Step 2 - Complete Membership Form

You must pay your Membership Fee before filling in the Membership Renewal Form.

Once you have paid your Membership click the Paid Membership Fee checkbox below to show the 'New Member Registration' Button.

Click the 'New Member Registration' Button and complete the Membership Form.