Abseil Training for Beginners


Abseiling This activity is restricted to UBMBC Canyon Program Members


3 M

The training day at Mt York is intended for members who walk with UBMBC and who have not abseiled previously. It will cover ropes, anchors and equipment, safety checks, personal anchors, abseiling technique and belay. The venue at Mt York, has three progressively steeper cliff faces that are ideal for training. Following the training we drive to Medlow Bath where we put skills into practice in Juggler Canyon – which has 6 abseils. The day ends with a lovely walk through part of the Grand Canyon. Members who complete the training successfully will be approved to attend easier canyons on the UBMBC program. You will need a helmet, harness, carabiner and descender. Equipment must be approved to European or North American safety standards. Bicycle helmets and helmets from other sports are not acceptable. Do not buy new equipment until after the course. Borrow equipment for the training day or I have equipment for loan. Before booking in for this program please read Guidelines for Walkers and Guidelines for Canyoners on the UBMBC website. Members must have done at least three bushwalks with UBMBC and have completed a non-abseil canyon (eg Grand Canyon, Du Faurs, Rocky Creek ) When you apply for the training day please mention the walks you have completed with our club and the non-abseil canyon you have done. Canyoning involves carrying wet suits, ropes and equipment as well as scrambling over slippery rocks and climbing in steep, rugged country. A suitable level of fitness and agility is required. Bookings open on 17 April, 2022. Enquiries are welcome but no bookings before 17 April.



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